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Dr.K.Surendra Gopal

Professor & Head
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Associate Director of Education (UG), Directorate of Education adeduug@kau.in 0487 2438141

Prof. (Dr.) K.Surendra Gopal

Professor& Head

  • AREA OF SPECIALIZATION: Agricultural Microbiology: Soil Microbiology- Microbial Inoculants-Biofertilizers, Biocontrol agents and PGPR                                                              
  • EXPERIENCE: 27 years (Teaching, Research, Extension and Administration)

      UG: Agri. Microbiology, Microbial inoculants production of Biocontrol and    biofertilizer organisms

      PG: Biofertilizer Technology, Microbial Physiology & Metabolism, Soil Microbiology, Microbial Biotechnology, Principles               of Microbiology,  Organic Farming and Soil   Health, Food Microbiology

     Ph.D.: Advances in fermentation, Plant-Microbe interaction


  • Evaluated > 50 thesis comprising PG and Ph.D. students from State Agricultural Universities of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala
  • Conducted thesis Viva-Voce for Ph.D. students from the State Agricultural Universities of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala


  • Completed 5 research projects as Principal Investigator
  • 5 ongoing research projects as Principal Investigator
  • Completed 9 research projects as Co-Principal Investigator
  • 2 ongoing research projects as Co-Principal Investigator
  • Guided 18 M.Sc. students from Kerala Agricultural University as Major Advisor
  • Guided 31 PG students for dissertation from outside KAU as Major Advisor.
  • Scientist Mentor for KSCSTE-Post Doctoral Fellow for 3 years from 2020-2023
  • Co-Coordinator of Project Coordination Group on Plant Pathogens and Beneficial organisms (Under KAU)
  • Member of Project Coordination Group on Aromatic and medicinal plants.
  • Member of Project Coordination Group on Post-Harvest Technology and Value

Addition (24-7-2015 to 17-4-2021)

  • Total publications                                          : 91
  • Popular articles                                              : 12
  • International Papers                                       :  8
  • Books                                                              :  3
  • Practical Manual for UG & PG  courses        :  22
  • Training Manual                                            :  6 
  • Edited books                                                 :  2
  • Technical Bulletin                                         :  1



  • Developed cheap technology for the mass multiplication of Trichoderma sp.and Pseudomonas fluorescens
  • Transfer of Technology on Trichoderma asperellum liquid formulations to KVK, Wyanad, KVK Malappuram and KVK, Kottayam ( No. R 5 /60799/2020 dt. 4-3-2020 ) by Dr.Reshmy Vijayaraghvan and Dr.K.Surendra Gopal
  • Technologies developed and approved for transfer of technology (No. R8/65943/16 Dated, Vellanikkara, 14.09 2017)
  • Pseudomonas fluorescens (Liquid) -KAU PF media 1,2 and 3 (Dr. Sally K Mathew, Dr.Reshmy Vijayaraghvan and Dr.K.Surendra Gopal
  • Trichoderma asperellum  (Liquid)- KAU TAP media 1,2 and 3 (Dr. Sally K Mathew,Dr.Reshmy Vijayaraghvan, and Dr.K.Surendra Gopal)


  • A total of 4 consultancy services were offered to private agripreuners on bioinoculant production and grain quality analysis.
  • 8 state-level training programs were conducted as course director on Techniques in Microbiology, Mycorrhiza and Production technology for microbial inoculants.
  • Acted as a resource person for 25 different national and state-level training programs
  • Served as a member of 30 different committees constituted by the KAU.
  • Attended 14 National training programs in different parts of India


  • Certificate of Appreciation by KAU for the valuable contributions as Associate Breeder of the Nutmeg variety KAU Pullan, KAU Poothara, KAU  Mundathanam, KAU Punnathanam and KAU Kochukudy at a function of Variety Release by State Seed Committee held at KAU Central Auditorium on 26-5-2018.
  • Meritorious service award for completion of 25 years of service in KAU was given on the Foundation day function at KAU on 01-02-2021 by Hon. Vice-Chancellor, TNAU


  • Technical advisor for the Production of biofertilizers to the State Biocontrol Lab (State Dept. of Agriculture), Mannuthy, Thrissur
  • Member of the State-level Technical Committee of State Biocontrol Lab (State Dept. of Agriculture), Manuthy, Thrissur
  • Served as a selection committee expert member of the interview board for the recruitment of temporary as well as permanent staff


  • 4 Consultancy services on the establishment of Microbial Inoculants Production unit for entrepreneurs and farmers were offered


  • Life -member of the Indian Society of Soil Biology and Ecology, UAS,    Bangalore
  •  Annual Member of the Association of Microbiologists in India.



Order No.


Drawing and Disbursing Officer of the Department of Agricultural Microbiology, College of Agriculture


01-4-2019 –To date

Associate Director of Education (UG)

No.GA/C1/10931/2019 dt.31-3-2022

1-4-2022 –To date

Editorial Board Member of Journal of Tropical Agriculture, KAU

No: R5\64438\11

dt. 31-01-2013)

31-01-2013-To date

Officer i/c Academic matters (UG)

No.Acad(1)/4911/2020  dt.15-01-2022 and  No.Acad (1)/4911/2020  dt.30-4-2022

15-01-2022 to  30-04-2022

Nominated as student advisor of 10 students (Adm. No. 2016-41-401 to 2016-41-410) from B.Sc.(Hon.)Ag.-2016 admission up to 2020

No.Acad/SA/2016 dt.17-11-2016

2016 to 2020

Executive committee member of PTA, College of Agriculture, Vellanikkara  (2021-2022)

Minutes of the General body meeting of PTA held on 13-11-2021 at 3 PM on Google Meet


Member of the Board of Studies

No.Acad B2/2021/101/15111 dt.11-02-2022

11-2-2022 - To date

Assistant Warden of Pampa Men’s Hostel (College)

No.Estt-2/8527/2012 dt 11-11-2015

1-12-2015 to 01-01-2018


Member of the Monitoring committee for the construction of the material collection center at 3 colleges of KAU

No.GA/E2/2747/2022 dt.24-5-2022

24-5-2022-To date

Panel of teachers to assist University Examination Wing in question paper scrutiny

No. Acad El2A22l 101 I 15723 Vellanikkara dated, .09.2A22

Sept,2022 –To date

Nodal Officer for the  single window portal of UGC, New Delhi on E-Samadhan online grievances registering and monitoring system

No.Acad /A2/2022/101/18042

Dt.29-10-2022 of Director of Education,KAU

29-10-2022 – To date

Chairman and convener of the committee constituted for the Recognition of faculty as PG teachers and Seeking permission to guide M.Sc. Students

No.Acad C2/2022/101/10192

Dt.06-09-2022 of Director of Education,KAU


Evaluation committee member for the tenders for the generation of toxicological data for the registration of biopesticides with CIBRC

No.R4/65511/2019 dt.17-11-2022 of the DR,KAU







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Directorate of Education
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