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National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme was started as a pilot project by the Government of India during the Fourth Plan period by selecting students on a voluntary and selective basis. The scheme envisages the utilization of the leisure time of students in various items of national service which not only help the community but also provide opportunity to the non-graduate to appreciate the lot of the community and inculcate in him a sense of social consciousness and dignity of labour. The cost of operating the scheme is shared by the Central and State Governments. The amount provided to each university/college is fixed on the basis of the “number of students allotted to the respective institution” (ie. the number of students participating in the N.S.S. activities and not the total strength of the institution). The XXII meeting of the Academic Council held on 28/06/75 has decided that the National Service Scheme may be implemented at the constituent colleges of Kerala Agricultural University by the Deans of the Colleges concerned. Accordingly Government was addressed for the inclusion of Kerala Agricultural University in the list of Universities which implement National Service Scheme and for allotment of necessary funds and Government have included the Kerala Agricultural University also.

The aim of the National Service Scheme is education through community service. The overall objective of the National Service Scheme is educational service to the community, the activity through which the objective is sought to be attained. The more specific objectives of the National Service Scheme are to arouse the student’s social conscience and to provide him with the opportunity:

  1. to work with and among people,
  2. to develop an awareness and knowledge of social realities, to have a concern for the well-being of the community and to engage in creation and constructive social action,
  3. to gain skills in the exercise of democratic leadership, and
  4. to gain skills in programme development to enable him to get self employed.

At the University level there is an Advisory Committee constituted by the Kerala Agricultural University to advise the university for the purpose and smooth implementation of the National Service Scheme. At the College level, each college is having an Advisory Committee with the Dean/Head of Institution as Chairman and the Programme Officer as Member-convener.


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